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Rotary Lobe PD Blowers

​Roots® is the most famous brand name in the field of positive displacement (PD) blowers.

Since we invented the Twin Lobe Blower, so synonymous has the name of Roots® become, that it is common to refer to these PD blowers as 'Roots Blowers'. However, the only true Roots Blowers are those that are supplied by the original Roots company out of Connersville, Indiana.

PD Blowers work by drawing in air through an inlet and then against the system pressure forcing that trapped air out the outlet side. They are perfect for delivering reliably constant pressures, and the flow can be altered based on the operating speed.

All Roots blowers are of a compact, sturdy design engineered for continuous duty and maximum reliability. These blowers have a time-tested lubrication system and an exclusive “figure-8” gearbox design that improves oil distribution to the timing gears and lengthens bearing life.

Incorporating our innovative Whispair™ technology for low noise, low pulsation compression, Roots continues to lead the way when designing and manufacturing PD Blowers.