Roots® Connersville

Connersville, Indiana is the home of the original Roots Blower. Nestled on the bank of the Whitewater River, Connersville became a hub for industry in the mid 1800s as a prime location that connected Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Chicago. When the brothers Francis and Philander Roots moved to Connersville as an extension of the family woolen mill business, the town became the epicenter for a process that would revolutionize the blown and compressed air industries.

Often dubbed as the “Birthplace of the Blower,” Connersville became the home of the P. H. and F. M. Roots Company that would eventually become Roots as we know the company today. In an attempt to streamline their mill processes, the brothers created the first ever rotary robe blower. They sought a patent, won several awards at industrial fairs, and the company blew up.


The Roots brothers made an impact beyond just the blower company in Connersville. Both brothers were active in other industries, including banking and furniture manufacturing. The brothers established themselves as authority figures in the Connersville community, including spearheading the design and building of the Presbyterian Church in town that is still in service today. The devotion that Francis and Philander showed to the Connersville community made a resounding impact toward making Connersville the industrial center that it is today.


For over 170 years, Roots has operated locally in Connersville and continues to create high quality blowers and compressors that continue to be used in industries all over the world. We invite you to learn more about what a Roots blower can do for your business and provide the same high-quality service that we’ve provided for over 170 years